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Ep6: So You Want to Start Selling LuLaRoe?

You want to start selling LuLaRoe? Then, welcome to episode 6 where we get down and in the dirt on what you need to consider BEFORE you become a LuLaRoe fashion consultant. The Lula-Underdog herself, Brandi Cooperman, pulls back the curtain and shares some reality on this business. And it is a business. And business takes work.

Find out what you need to know about starting a LuLaRoe business on this podcast.

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EP5: What You Need to Know About Multis in Lularoe

This episode is all about multi’s, as in multi-consultant groups for selling LuLaRoe. We like to do things a little different but we are consistent with our core mission and values of:
1. Helping you succeed in your business;

2. #Nofilter; and,

3. Having fun 🙂

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EP4: What To Do When Facebook’s Algorithm Changes…Again

Facebook changed their algorithm a little while ago. You do LuLaRoe sales in Facebook. Should you panic? We talk about what happened, what it means to you, what it means to your Lularoe group and your sales. With guest, Isaia Souza talking about traffic, ownership and becoming a real business.

EP1: How to GROW Your LuLaRoe Group

It’s our first show! Welcome to the LuLa Underdog Show! We are stoked. In this episode we introduce who we are, how we got started and how we grew. We’ll look at best practices that are working right NOW that you can use and do to immediately grow your group.,