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EP 11: Should You Quit Lularoe??

Should you stay or should you go (from Lularoe) now?

With a nod to the music group, The Clash, this is a big question for many of us Lularoe sellers. Even though there is that old adage, “Winners never quit and quitters never win,” quitting isn’t necessarily a bad thing. There are VERY good reasons to quit things and there are VERY bad reasons to quit. 

This podcast is our discussion on those reasons 🙂


Ep 10: How to Train Your Customers for increased engagement and (your) happiness

Wow! It’s been a LOOOOONNNNNGGG time since our last episode! Thanks for sticking it out with us. On this episode, we’re talking not about how to train your dragon (shout out to Game of Thrones and Daenerys Stormborn) but on how to train your customers.

Specifically, how to train them in how to engage with you and your group online. Sometimes, our customers get lost or  bring other expectations to our online group environment — not bad stuff, just different, which may lead to challenges.

Our objective is always to share our experiences online to help you achieve your goals.

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EP 9: Disney Has Moused Us Here in Lularoe-Land

Wow! It’s been a long time since we’ve put out a podcast. Traveling all around the country (Brandi) and to Johnston Atoll (Kaala) will do that to you LOL 🙂 But we are back with another episode where we catch up with all the Lularoe happenings (ahem, Disney!!) and our travels.

In this episode we discuss:

  • Whether or not this Disney + Lularoe partnership is a good thing or a bad thing for all us consultants
  • How to beat the SUMMER SLUMP that many consultants (including us) are experiencing in sales
  • A little bit more (kicking that dead horse) on the Facebook algorithm mysteries
  • And, related to that FB thing, should you DUMP or not dump your inactive/low-engagement group members.

We had a lot of fun recording this one and hope this episode will be fun AND helpful to your in achieving your Lularoe goals! Please put any questions or comments in the comment section on our webpage.

With lots of love and aloha,

Brandi and Kaʻala

EP8: Should You Quit Selling Lularoe?

Should you quit selling LuLaRoe? Join us on this episode as we discuss

  • The inevitable motivational and energy DIP we will all go through (or are going through),
  • Good (and bad) reasons to QUIT,
  • LuLaRoe Work – Life balance, and why you need to
  • Put your support group in place BEFORE you need it

The Clash, said it well in this song,

“Should I stay or should I go?”

I know we don’t have the answers for you but we’ll definitely #keepitreal and share what we think about this hoping that it may help someone out there.

Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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EP7: How Happy Are YOU With Lularoe’s Happiness Policy??

Show Summary for the “Happiness Policy”

Lularoe posted a brand spankin’ new customer return policy called, “The Happiness Policy.” This episode pulls back the curtain and takes a Lula Underdog view of the policy with the usual #NoFilter and #KeepItReal and #TakeNoPrisoners approach.

This policy will help Lularoe to make themselves and the company happy.

This policy should help to make the customer happy.

WILL this policy help to make the consultants happy??


  • Find out why Brandi is unhappy in this episode
  • What’s wrong with the new happiness policy and how we would change it?
  • Why you should make your OWN policy and what should be in it
  • Find out if Brandi gets happy by the end of the show 🙂

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Ep6: So You Want to Start Selling LuLaRoe?

You want to start selling LuLaRoe? Then, welcome to episode 6 where we get down and in the dirt on what you need to consider BEFORE you become a LuLaRoe fashion consultant. The Lula-Underdog herself, Brandi Cooperman, pulls back the curtain and shares some reality on this business. And it is a business. And business takes work.

Find out what you need to know about starting a LuLaRoe business on this podcast.

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EP5: What You Need to Know About Multis in Lularoe

This episode is all about multi’s, as in multi-consultant groups for selling LuLaRoe. We like to do things a little different but we are consistent with our core mission and values of:
1. Helping you succeed in your business;

2. #Nofilter; and,

3. Having fun 🙂

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EP4: What To Do When Facebook’s Algorithm Changes…Again

Facebook changed their algorithm a little while ago. You do LuLaRoe sales in Facebook. Should you panic? We talk about what happened, what it means to you, what it means to your Lularoe group and your sales. With guest, Isaia Souza talking about traffic, ownership and becoming a real business.