EP7: How Happy Are YOU With Lularoe’s Happiness Policy??

Show Summary for the “Happiness Policy”

Lularoe posted a brand spankin’ new customer return policy called, “The Happiness Policy.” This episode pulls back the curtain and takes a Lula Underdog view of the policy with the usual #NoFilter and #KeepItReal and #TakeNoPrisoners approach.

This policy will help Lularoe to make themselves and the company happy.

This policy should help to make the customer happy.

WILL this policy help to make the consultants happy??


  • Find out why Brandi is unhappy in this episode
  • What’s wrong with the new happiness policy and how we would change it?
  • Why you should make your OWN policy and what should be in it
  • Find out if Brandi gets happy by the end of the show 🙂

Next Steps

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