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Eyelashes That Will Blow You Away... Or Maybe Others

Okay guys!

Be prepared for random product posts! I'm super... bored? and like to talk with you guys.

Don't be afraid to chime in with thoughts or opinion!

A couple someones asked me how to do their eyelashes during the shutdown, so I thought I would share!


I love love love Tori Belle magnetic liner and lashes, but they are a little pricey. I don't put them on unless I know I'm going to wear them all day (gotta get my monies worth).

Cost Effective:

The second is good ol' glue on lashes.

I'm actually wearing glue on in this photo. If you don't think you can do glue on, I promise you, you can. Trick is to let the glue dry a bit before dropping it on your lid closer to the tear duct side of the lid... then adjust.

You guys kicking it au naturel? Or you doing something special?


Links: Magnetic lash and liner... You MUST have both for it to work. The bundles are the best price.

For the one I'm wearing in the photos, must also buy glue:

For when you're feeling extra... this is my favorite for volume. Must also buy glue.

Glue! I apply it pretty thickly:

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